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President Joe Biden arrives in the East Room of the White House.


Opinion | Joe Biden’s Missed Opportunity to Wrestle With Fox News

Talking to the other side is a lost art in politics.

Opinion by Jeff Greenfield

The remnants of a large balloon drift above the Atlantic Ocean, with a fighter jet and its contrail seen below it.

War Room

Opinion | The First Time America Was Attacked by Balloons

History offers lessons for easing the current U.S.-China crisis.

Opinion by Scott M. Moore

Vivek Ramaswamy speaking in front of an American flag.

Letter from Iowa

The ‘CEO of Anti-Woke Inc.’ Has His Eye on the Presidency

Vivek Ramaswamy leaves the boardroom for a barn in Iowa to test out his businessman-turned-culture-warrior brand on rural conservative voters.

By Daniel Lippman

An illustration featuring Elisabeth Moss, Mackenzie Davis, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey from the shows Station Eleven, The Handmaid's Tale and The Last of Us.

Culture Club

‘The Last of Us’ Gets What Freaks Us All Out the Most About Government

Dystopian fiction once reflected a concern about big, chillingly technocratic government. Now, our worry is something even worse.

By Joanna Weiss

Illustration of Sam bankman-fried in a paper doll format. On his left sits options of his old style: Wrinkled sweatshirt, shirt, cargo shorts, mismatched socks. On his left sits his new attire: freshly pressed suit with white button down and dress shoes.

Culture Club

Did Sam Bankman-Fried Just End the Era of the Boy Genius?

The kid billionaire made his carefully cultivated dishevelment an advertisement for crypto — and himself. But now his image carries a different label: Fraudster.

By Calder McHugh

An illustration of a black-and-white elephant on a yellow starburst pattern.

The Big Idea

Opinion | The False Choices Facing the Republican Party

It’s time for the GOP to move beyond Trumpism and endless culture wars.

Opinion by Stephen Goldsmith and Ryan Streeter

Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff attend the lighting ceremony for the National Christmas Tree.


Why the Beltway Loves the Second Gentleman

Kamala Harris may be struggling with Washington insiders, but they’re making her once nerdy husband the most high-profile vice-presidential spouse in history.

By Michael Schaffer

Photo collage featuring historical photos of Robert Robinson surrounded by J. Edgar Hoover (left) and Joseph Stalin (right). Robinson is also surrounded by historical imagery of people working at a Ford factory, the American flag (left) and Russian flag (right) as an image of an eye looks down on him.

The Friday Read

‘The Americans Got Together and Decided to Drown You in the River’

A young Black engineer sought opportunity in the Soviet Union. He ended up at the center of an international incident.

By Danny Cherry Jr.

Former President Donald Trump stands on stage.


The GOP Is Starting to Plot Against Donald Trump

Republican Party donors and leaders are talking about how best to stop Trump from running away with the nomination again in 2024. But they don’t have a clear plan to stop him.

By David Freedlander

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addresses a media conference.


Opinion | Republicans Can’t Succumb to Fantasy on Ukraine

What conservative populists get right and wrong about Russia’s war.

Opinion by Rich Lowry

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is seen on the House floor before President Joe Biden's State of the Union address.

Column | Altitude

Republicans Turn Themselves Into Props for Biden

In a polarized era, the president retains far more power to frame the debate.

By John F. Harris

President Joe Biden speaks with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley after Biden delivered his State of the Union address.

State of the Union 2023

Opinion | Why Biden’s Speech Worked

He had a clear political message, and his populist outrage sounded genuine.

Opinion by Jeff Greenfield

Republicans plot a comeback for earmarks – with a twist

House Republican leaders plan to limit the types of projects that get guaranteed, congressionally directed cash.

While Biden celebrates a soft landing, the Fed’s Powell is worrying

Inflation is retreating, giving new energy to Biden’s messaging after a year of price surges. But the early excitement could clash with the Fed’s goals.

FBI searches Pence's home for classified materials

Investigators discovered an additional classified document and removed six other pages of records after a five-hour “unrestricted” search of the residence.

Florida GOP hands DeSantis wins on Disney, migrants ahead of likely ’24 bid

During a five-day special legislative session that concluded Friday, the Republican-dominated House and Senate approved seven bills, including high-priority measures.

Top general says suspected Chinese spy balloons have flown over Middle East

His comments come as the U.S. denies an accusation that American balloons are flying over Chinese airspace.

Black candidates keep losing winnable races — and say the Democratic Party may be why

The candidates themselves raised boatloads. But they were outgunned by GOP outside organizations.

Republicans clash with prosecutors over enforcement of abortion bans

GOP officials want to oust DAs who won’t bring charges over abortion.